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In today’s fast-paced, high-tech and highly competitive manufacturing environment you need layout information that is accurate, timely and dependable. Quality Tech West is in a unique position to provide you with fast, flexible and focused attention to your most demanding layout requirements.

With over 70 years combined experience in every area of manufacturing, CAD/CAM and metrology our highly-qualified, professional engineers are very familiar with the challenges you face in getting parts to your customers. Coupling this experience with the expert-level knowledge of programming, GD&T and advanced layout techniques make our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory your only logical choice for all your measurement needs.

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Standard Cad Layout

Part inspection is the very core of the Inspection Services department here at Quality Tech West. We provide part inspection for first off, in process, and prototype parts using a variety of softwares including Metrolog, CMM Manager, and PC-Dmis. Inspections can be done to print specs or directly to CAD data in body position.

Non Contact Measurement

Non-Contact measurement systems are an excellent choice for inspection and measurement applications with plastics, medical equipment, automotive, aerospace, electronics and more. Video technology makes inspection and measurement fast and accurate.

Laser Scanning

Our experienced engineers can help you digitize the 3D shape of your complex and free-form physical objects – for inspection, analysis and reverse engineering applications. With 15 years of successful 3D laser scanning projects we can help with your reverse engineering and inspection needs. (Learn More)

3rd Party Fixture Certification

In today’s manufacturing industry, having your checking fixtures certified by a third party is a fact of life. Almost every quality system in use requires an independent party to ensure the accuracy of these important fixtures.

Let our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory layout and certify your fixture. Other labs can check and report your fixtures, but only an accredited lab should certify them. (Learn More)

Reverse Engineering

Do you have a prototype but no blueprint? Need to remake an old part that the OEM doesn’t even have a drawing for, let alone have in stock? What if your ISO 9000 system requires that you define the product you make? Are you in the after market parts business? If so, we offer numerous ways to define parts or product. Quality Tech West provides everything from raw measurement data to parametric 3D CAD solid model!

Onsite Services

Is your programmer off sick or on holidays? Do you have a backlog and require someone to work an extra shift for a short time? This is where Quality tech West Inc. Can help. Our highly qualified staff can come on site to run your coordinate measuring machine for you, alleviating the pressure of being short staffed. We are also able to write programs in the following softwares: Metrolog, CMM Manager, PC-Dmis, Calypso.


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