Our advanced lab takes a passionate and competitively priced approach to all projects, including General Layout/Measurement work. Contact us today for help with your project, no matter the scope.  We understand that budgets for the quality department matter.  Besides requiring quality data at an agreed-upon turnaround time, we should always be cost-competitive.   Our record-keeping is history deep and extensive.   Because of our archive system, repeat jobs (whether measured in days or years) are able to be completed efficiently and at low costs.

We must deliver quality results and a fast turnaround at a fair and competitive price.  It is that simple.  


We understand the PPAP process in the automotive, medical, appliance, and aerospace industries.   Knowing that measurement and layout are only one component of the whole of the PPAP process, we realize it important to know there are many other facets of a PPAP.  

It always takes a few iterations to get the PPAP complete.  By keeping copious records of the first iterations, it streamlines the next iterations in timing and cost.


We take a customer-centric approach that includes our flexible and customized reporting. Whether the customer desires the conventional text report or a more graphic type report, we can provide it. Just advise us exactly what you need and we can easily create either type of report or even a hybrid of those two formats. If you have your own report formats that you want us to use, by all means, send us that format and we will find a way to make the data fit your report.  If you are sending this workout, there is no doubt that you need the data returned so you, your team, and your customer understand that data exactly. just let us know how you want it and we will do our best to deliver with your requirements.


Laser scanning is a great tool for some applications.   It is not the answer to everything that is measurable, but surely has a lot of great applications.   We understand the capabilities and limitations of laser scanning.  We have line laser scanners and cross laser scanners.  Both are unique and each has there a place in the application. These tools are great for getting a huge amount of data sets on free form and curved surfaces very accurately. Laser scanning does this very fast and very accurately. Lasers are great for comparing 3-D parts to CAD models and for reverse engineering applications. The laser can weaker at identifying and measuring some of the prismatic geometries accurately (circles, cylinders, taurus’, etc.).  For those prismatic geometries, we will often revert to a touch or scanning probe.


The applications for the Blue Light technology are growing bigger by the year.   When an entire shape needs to be scanned, for example, to reverse engineer a part, optical / laser measurement is more effective.  This is especially applicable to larger components.  The “leapfrog” method of measuring large-scale parts is easy and highly accurate.  Accuracy is not lost as all datums are kept and remeasured so the finished data set can be as accurate as is possible. 

Like a laser scanner, the blue light technology is fantastic for large components with highly complex surfaces.    Great for reverse engineering applications.  But it too has some limitations with prismatic geometries.   


Our advanced lab was one of the first to offer state-of-the-art Multi-Sensor Measuring Capabilities in West Michigan.  The multi-sensor machine combines video, laser, scanning probe, and touch probe into one tool.    The software recognizes the best sensor to measure the features required and will automatically apply that sensor to that feature (obviously can be overridden by the engineer).  These multi-sensor machines have levels of artificial intelligence (AI) not seen in most other metrology tools.

It allows us to measure parts, very fast, and on one machine.  This is really cool technology and worth seeing.  Just give us a call and will be more than happy to show it…


Our services include Training & Part Programming for your staff.

We provide training on this measurement software.  Training can be completed at your facility or at QT West, whatever your preference.  This is not a classroom training typical of the OEM, but it is actual hands-on training directly tailored to your applications. Anyone can train and learn to measure demo block.  But what good is that, really? The demo block has its place for the first hour or two, but actually getting trained on your parts sends the trainee back with a better understanding of how to attack the measurement process with your equipment. Highly unlikely that we would ever train two companies in the same class unless requested.

Our team is proficient in training and applications support for:

  • Polyworks (any conventional CMM or portable arm) Zone3 (all OGP SmartScope products)
  • MM Manager
  • Metrologic


OGP SmartScope & RAM VIDEO-BASED MULTI-SENSOR MACHINES and Optical Comparators.

Complete calibration, service, and maintenance on all Optical Gaging Products (OGP)  SmartScope family of products (Flash, Zip, and Quest), RAM Vision Systems, and OGP/CCP  Optical Comparators. Our engineers are factory trained and authorized by OGP to perform the services to keep your equipment updated, maintained, current, in calibration, and certified.

Every calibration is complete:

  • “As Found” condition documented
  • Complete Preventative Maintenance (PM) with notes on what was done and recommendations for any future maintenance.
  • Final complete calibration with error mapping that mechanically and electronically brings your machine to the tightest specifications as is possible.


    Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory offers a variety of gage certifications and services.


    We take a customer-centric approach that includes our flexible and customized reporting.