First and most importantly- it is important to know that you are invited to our lab to discuss anything related to the metrology world, meet the team, or just to learn our capabilities and see the technology. We do ask that you email or call ahead of time, but we can be most accommodating to all visitors.

Quality Tech West has the most advanced and experienced metrologist in West Michigan, with nearly 100 years of expertise in the field of measurement. Each individual engineer has unique strengths. But as a team, there isn’t a better group that can collectively find a way to get the most complex parts measured with understandable results. Working with our gang of smart measuring guys will want you coming back on your next measurement project. Experience and expertise breed some basic wisdom. That translates into an effective and efficient laboratory. If we can’t assist or help you, we will humbly admit and help you find a solution. But that option is a rarity! Often times our team will know what the customer needs as much or more than the customer him/her self.  We have been doing this a long time, are pretty damn good at it, and have fun along the way.

We understand we work primarily with Quality Professionals. Often, in the manufacturing food chain, the Quality Dept is at the bottom of the ladder for budgets and is given last-minute consideration when a crisis arrives.  Our plan is to be respectful that timing is usually minimal, and costs do matter. It is our responsibility to do the job in a cost-competitive way, and within the timing agreed upon. Some things are subject to change, but if we all work from the same data set, we should be able to meet your goals every time.

  • QT West started in 2000 and is an ISO IEC accredited metrology laboratory doing contract inspection and contract measurement.
  • We service the midwest, prominently the state of Michigan, as well as a number of aerospace customers, medical manufacturers, and a little bit of the furniture industry.
  • Qt West is a partner company to Great Lakes Metrology, which has been selling precision measuring equipment for the last 35 years. Such equipment includes coordinate measuring machines, video based multi sensor systems, and form products (roundness machines, surface finish)
  • QT West began out of the desire to have equipment in the lab and offer a higher level of support to clients.
  • What makes QT West stand out, beside their great equipment, is their competence and qualified engineering team of programmers, inspectors, and more.


Try us, as we are an easy team to work with.

Our definition of success means you walked out that door, got in your car, and think “I will definitely go back there next time.”