Laser & Blue Light Scanning Capabilities

  • QT West has the laser scanning and blue light scanning technologies to digitize and scan the geometry of almost every component part or assembly. Our scanners utilize the Polyworks software to handle large point clouds of data generated by our laser and blue light scanners. Polyworks allows us to create colormaps, solid models, and just about any other data format typically associated with scanners, so your results are always presented in the format you require.
  • QT West has Zeiss, LK Metrology, and Mitutoyo CMM systems capable of laser scanning. Our Nikon Metrology laser scanner is adaptable to all new machines, as well as most all existing CMMs in the field.
  • The graphical results produced by our scanners are often easier to interpret than a traditional CMM Touch-Probe data report. Color graphs are not only useful when evaluating tools and die/mold details, but also for confirming sample part geometry, especially in cases where problems can be hidden by datum structure.
  • QT West also has a GOM ATOS 2 blue light scanner with their partner facility, Great Lakes Metrology. The ATOS 2 blue light scanner offers great accuracy, speed, and versatility than most other scanning technologies on the market today.

Reverse Engineering

  • QT West can reverse engineer almost any product by scanning its free form surfaces and prismatic geometries, and then post-processing that point cloud data to produce a 3D CAD model.
  • Reverse engineering is especially useful for components that do not have an existing CAD file or accurate blue print.
  • Reverse engineering is a must for product development. From tool prototype through final submissions, we routinely support customers in the fields of automotive, aerospace, medical, office furniture, and the military.