Non-Contact Multi-Sensor Measurement

QT West utilizes SmartScope systems made by Optical Gaging Products, which are video based multi-sensor inspection systems. The SmartScope is the most flexible gauging system available on the market today!

The SmartScope can be used in a variety of capacities in a multitude of manufacturing environments. It can be used as a laboratory purpose measuring tool, or in a factory floor system with complete integration in the manufacturing process. The SmartScope’s various sensors allow for inspections of virtually any geometrical shape that needs to be measured:

  • Video based measuring for geometries too small or delicate to be measured by conventional, tactile probing
  • Touch-probe capability for applications where contact measuring is preferable
  • Laser scanning for both high-accuracy Z-axis measurements and for generating high-density point clouds

OGP’s Zone3 CAD based metrology package is user-friendly, and highly intuitive. It can optimize your programming by helping choose the best sensor to use for each feature (video, touch-probe, or laser). The simple icon-based interface makes programming and editing easy to learn. And importing CAD based PMI information is seamless using the auto-add programming feature.

Relatively high operation speeds – often up to 10X faster than conventional CMM systems – provides optimal throughput.

Adding the scanning and tough-probing options provides the versatility to handle those applications where they are the ideal choice. 

The through-the-lens laser scanner can be used for super high accuracy Z-axis measuring, as well as 3D scanning where a dense amount of data is required in very small areas. At 4 micron of total error, high-accuracy results are readily achievable.